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April 16, 2016

Paul Klee – is truly a Rara Avis in the whole history of Fine Art. Unlike the other artists there was only one woman in his life – his wife, he spent his evenings playing music together with Kandinsky (one played the violin, the other – the piano) and for his son – Felix he became the great father who helped him to explore the magic worlds. The great puppet show with 50 puppets, which Paul made for his son, influenced Felix that much that he became the theater director when grew up. During the World War I Paul didn't shoot, but he made the camouflage pattern on the aircraft.

He was an inspiring teacher who brought a lot of new and interesting to the educational process in Bauhaus and his students always listened to him almost forgot how to breathe. In Bauhaus everyone called him Buddha. And there were all the reasons for that – he was always calm, never spoke too much and never was very angry at anybody.

Paul Klee was the first artist who said that pictures made by children must be considered as the real art.

As for his biography, Paul Klee was born on 18th December in 1879 in Switzerland in the family of musicians. His parents wanted him to become a musician too, but during his teen years he understood that he would become an artist and his grandmother helped him to explain this to his parents, she also helped him to develop his artist's skills since his childhood. Since 1898 he studied Fine Arts in Munich, since 1900 – in the Academy of Fine Arts together with Kandinsky. During his life he made more than 10,000 paintings, drawings, and etchings. Paul Klee died at the age of 60 (on 29th of June in 1940).

We would like to honor the great legacy of that wonderful artist by releasing the set of temporary tattoos "Cat and bird", based on "A detail from Rich Harbour", "Park near Lu", "Sailing Ships", "Glass facade", "Red bridge", "Temple Gardens", "Bauhaus Ausstellung", "Zitronen" and others Paul Klee paintings.

Bright and, definitely, not ordinary kids' water transfer tatts, will inspire your children to become more creative and help them to find the spirit of the freedom of art.