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April 27, 2016

Wassily Kandinsky, whose role in the culture of the twentieth century is comparable only with the discoveries of Picasso, walked through a difficult path of struggle for a new art. This path was not about trying to receive the recognition of the audience and critics, it was about the struggle within himself.

Kandinsky began a systematic art education rather late, but since his childhood he was constantly thinking about art. He was the one who freed paintings from limiting representation and created the basis for the evolution of abstract art. His huge impact on the art world forever changed the way of perception of the painting. His works are based on the philosophical positions that have steadily progressed into painted images.

Kandinsky, perhaps, is a philosopher first of all and only then - an artist. He was admitting only that direction, in which a rich configuration could move, and incessantly pursued it, setting an example to other avant-garde artists. The essence of Kandinsky's abstraction is to find a universal synthesis of music and painting, regarded as parallel with the philosophy and science.

Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow in 1866. Since the early childhood he was surprised by the variety of colors in nature, and he was always interested in art. Despite advances in the study of economics and law, he gave up a promising career in the social sciences to follow the creative vocation.

The Claude Monet exhibition, which was visited by a young artist, was the decisive impulse that inspired him to devote himself to the study of art. When he enrolled in art school in Munich, Kandinsky was already 30 years old. Even though he didn't pass from the first time, he continued self-educating.

The true meaning of his genius innovations became apparent only in 1923 after he joined  "Bauhaus", where he became friends with another creative avant-garde artist - Paul Klee. After ten years of fruitful work in 1933, the school "Bauhaus" was closed by the Nazi government. Kandinsky was forced to move to France, where he spent the rest of his life.

We are pleased to introduce a set of tattoos based on the painting Succession (April 1935). Creations of the great abstractionist help to expand our understanding of colour and shape and gives us new tools for self-expression.