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Tattoo greeting card

Creativity is everything. That’s why we’re fully changing the design of tattoo paper by adding a writing backside to large temporary tattoo sheets which are 15x21 cm. So now we offer you simple yet awesome products – temporary tattoo greeting cards. When giving our temporary tattoos sets as gifts or using them as party bag fillers, you can turn over these tattoo sheets and write a personal thank you note on their backside. These creative greeting cards will get your party to the whole new level, because there’s no child on Earth who doesn’t like fun greeting cards. And our designer cards are not just fun but also “multifunctional”, so kids can choose the favorite parts of them, whether they’re hearts and love signs or funny animals, cut them out and apply to their skin.

In the near future we will update tattoo back paper to each of large temporary tattoo sheets, but now it's available only for these designs:

Unicorns $3.00
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Cute dinos $3.00
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Love $3.00
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