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  • Set of 3 identical pieces
  • Sheet size 6.4x9 cm
  • Skin safe and non-toxic  Certificates: En71-3, FDA, COSIA, SGS, THR, ROHS, CE
  • Easy to use:remove film / apply / wet / hold / remove paper ...detail instruction
  • Lasting on average 2-3 daysTattoos are waterproof!

Exhibiting the "Lit up Bottles" Tattoo made with artistry, technique and love. These banks contain an magic liquid that gives outstanding powers to the individual who drinks it. This tattoo splendidly delineates a pack of awe-inspiring holders which show a brilliant message for the overall population. This is made out of remarkable and impeccable shading mixes that are phenomenally enchanting with blue bases and brown caps, having day sun and night bright stars in them. 

Can be related wherever on the body, for example, on the arms or the legs. Outlined by one of the world's most innovative fashioner, this body sticker can make you look considerably more incredible than some time starting late. It is purposely printed and made of skin neighbourly material which never has a particular piece of harm to your skin.

These "Lit up Bottles" tattoos are uncommonly simple to utilise and can be utilised just by removing the film and especially applying on the skin. This mind-blowing tattoo has another favoured perspective of being waterproof which outfits it with the capacity to keep going for over 2 days. As this tattoo can bring a cheer in the surrounding it is obviously worth giving an endeavour.

Designed by  Mutovina Anastasya