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  • Set of 3 identical pieces
  • Sheet size 6.4x9 cm
  • Skin safe and non-toxic  Certificates: En71-3, FDA, COSIA, SGS, THR, ROHS, CE
  • Easy to use:remove film / apply / wet / hold / remove paper ...detail instruction
  • Lasting on average 2-3 daysTattoos are waterproof!

We exhibit you" Baby Earth" Tattoo. Made with insight, workmanship and adorableness this is the ideal tattoo for Earth day. The infant earth is charming and adolescent and needs to continue as before way. The tattoo gives a message of keeping the Earth in its happy state. This is made out of stunning and immaculate shading blends that are inconceivably stupefying with various expressions and attracting bodies.

Infant Earth is having blue tints and can be used on Earth Summit, Campaigns and Earth Day. Can be associated wherever on the body, for instance, on the arms or the face. Spoken to by one of the world's most inventive fashioner, this body sticker can make you look in a general sense more character boggling than some time beginning late. It is purposely printed and made of skin neighbourly material which never has a specific bit of savagery to your skin.

These tattoos are particularly easy to use and can be used just by discharging the film and particularly applying on the skin. This staggering tattoo has another favoured point of view of being waterproof which outfits it with the ability to continue going for more than 2 days. It is clearly worth giving an attempt. Consequently, prepare to tatt up.

Designed by  Mutovina Anastasya