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  • Set of 3 identical pieces
  • Sheet size 6.4x9 cm
  • Skin safe and non-toxic  Certificates: En71-3, FDA, COSIA, SGS, THR, ROHS, CE
  • Easy to use:remove film / apply / wet / hold / remove paper ...detail instruction
  • Lasting on average 2-3 daysTattoos are waterproof!

Here is the "Boggling Koala" tattoo. Koalas are fundamentally charming animals having a lethargic nature and wide grin. They are an immaculate decision for creature sweethearts. Made with the choice craftsmanship, method and innovative vitality, this tattoo gives a faultless match for a man with obliged way. Astoundingly made for creature gigantic others this tattoo is an approach to express your affection without utilising the mouth.

This koala makes the air imaginative and young. Made with the immensely safe material it is absolutely alright for your skin. It is made with earth shattering and perfect shading mixes and gives a character affect more than ever. It can be associated wherever on the body like on the arms, back or legs. Made by a champion among the most imaginative coordinator these are the masterpieces in tattoos. With blue and green tones these give a flawless style for all your creature needs.

These tattoos are particularly easy to use and can be used just by discharging the film and particularly applying on the skin. This stunning tattoo has another favoured point of view of being waterproof which outfits it with the ability to continue going for more than 2 days. As this tattoo can get a cheer including it is unmistakably worth giving an attempt.

Designed by  Mutovina Anastasya