• Fun Tattoo Station at Your Kids’ Birthday Party: Tips & Tricks for Setting up a Temporary Tattoo Parlor

    Fun Tattoo Station at Your Kids’ Birthday Party: Tips & Tricks for Setting up a Temporary Tattoo Parlor

    If you’re feeling like throwing the coolest birthday party for you kiddo, we’ve got something special for you. And we don’t suggest another backyard party involving a trampoline and some homemade lemonade. We’re talking real fun now, which means you need something awesome like a birthday tattoo parlor. Stop worrying – we offer only birthday temporary tattoos that are 100 % safe for children, vegan-friendly and cruelty free.

    So, what do you need to set up a temporary tattoo parlor? Here we’ll give you some tips for planning the best party ever. First of all, you have to have the right kids birthday party supplies, including temporary tattoo stickers with designs matching a party theme, a water sprayer (or even a water bluster which makes it even more fun, trust us), soft cloth or a sponge, and an adult tattoo artist, because it’s not recommended letting kids apply temp tatts by themselves.

    If you’re looking for kids’ birthday party ideas, we have over 300+ designs for ANY kind of a celebration. Our temporary body stickers look so real, kids will definitely love it and want to have them all. Allow the little ones to express their unique personalities by mixing and matching different types of these kids birthday party favors. We’ve got lots of pirate, mermaid, dinosaur, rock music, and even unicorn design for boys and girls. Those pics are gonna be your inspiration for organizing a themed party of your child’s dreams!

    Our talented designers have created so many temporary tattoos for birthday parties. And our products are so “multifunctional”, that you can apply them to skin or even use them for decorating plastic dishes, cups, and your fun tattoo station itself. And if you’re still hesitating, just take a look at our special Birthday collection which includes cakes, candles, bright balloons and other funny stuff that you need to make you kiddo happy on their special day!