• About us

    Hi guys! Kate’s the name, and Ducky Street is the game. As the CEO and owner, I wanted to make sure this message came from me. I’m THRILLED you want to know more about Ducky Street!

    So, here’s the deal. While we’re based in Hong Kong, we’re global. Thanks to today’s uber-cool cloud services, like Monday, Dropbox, Mailchimp our team can connect and work from all over the world. Our store itself is run by the world’s top e-market platform, Shopify.

    I have lived in Hong Kong (and throughout China) for 5+years. I‘ve worked as a Product Manager for various Chinese companies for 10+ years. I’ve always been good at what I do. However, after the birth of my first child in 2014, I decided to drop work to become a stay-at-home Mom.

    While family came first, I still wanted to find new business opportunities. So, I started Ducky Street with a close friend and gifted artist, Maria Kalyagina. Together, we work with artists from all around the world to create stellar tattoo designs for the littlest members of society. Kids always have been, and always will be, our inspiration. I’m thrilled to have the chance to use my knowledge and skills in Product Management (and Quality Control) to ensure a safe, long-lasting, and VIVID temporary tattoo solution.

    Most of our designs are the work of talented freelance artists and creative stay-at-home Moms like me!

    By the way – have you seen our Instagram? Check out our “Photos With Ducky street” tab to see what our customers are up to. We check it every morning to stay inspired!

    Thank you to every single beautiful customer who spreads our vision and keeps Ducky Street alive. We hope your kids enjoy using our tattoos just as much as we enjoy creating them!

    Questions? Get in touch anytime. Whether you’ve got an idea for a new product, or just want to say hello, I’d love to hear from you!

    Kate, entrepreneur. Happy wife and mom. Home schooler, travel addicted, vegeterian foodie. Lives between Hong Kong and Tel Aviv.

    Art director and lead designer - Maria Kalyagina. Born in St. Petersburg, now lives and works in Nha Trang (Vietnam).