• Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kids and Toddlers

    Easter basket fillers for toddlers and kids - highq quality temporary tattoos

    Chocolate bunnies, cream-filled eggs, candies and lollipops are Easter basket stuffers that every kid loves. But we are always looking for any alternatives to candies, because they are everywhere in Easter holidays. Too much candies.

    And if you’re hosting an Easter garden party this year, it can be really challenging to find the right basket stuffers which are don’t contain sugar, safe and children-friendly. The only way out of that tricky situation is to hand kids out something cute, bright and funny. And those party-saving magical things are our Easter temporary tattoos.

    We have so many designs to offer, from rad rabbits wearing Wayfarers to teeny-tiny bunnies eating baby carrot. Our Easter body stickers feature rabbit kits and pretty flowers, so you can choose perfect paintings for any of your little guests. We don’t doubt it – these awesome Easter basket stuffers will totally impress children of any age (and even adults, we suppose). Remember yourself as a child. Didn’t you ever dream of catching the Easter bunny and make it stay with you? Well, know it’s kind of possible, and you can turn the Easter egg hunt into magical experience and give the children their own bunnies which they can stick to their skin (don’t forget to make up a fairy story explaining why the rabbits are on your backyard – kids will love to listen, we promise).

    And furthermore, we’ve got a perfect Easter basket idea for little girls – our Spring silk scarf with lots of funny bunnies and spring flowers. The girls won’t help but start wearing them immediately, because our silk toddler scarves are so amazing, unique and can be worn in so many creative ways.