• DIY: Decorating Easter Eggs with Temporary Tattoos

    DIY: Decorating Easter Eggs with Temporary Tattoos

    The idea of using temporary tattoos for decorating Easter eggs is simply fantastic. We personally are absolutely in love with everything bright and creative, so the eye-catching eggs is our must have for this Easter celebration.

    Having an egg-celent Easter can be pretty fun for both kids and grownups. To create “fancy” and colorful decal eggs, all you need is our temporary tattoos and some imagination.

    Our sticker tattoos are perfect for decorating Easter eggs and actually you can decorate with them different accessories from Easter baskets to cups. Each decorated egg become unique and a real Easter egg hunt trophy!

    Decorating Easter eggs with temporary tattoos is just as easy as applying them to skin:

    • wash and wipe the eggs off with a soft dry cloth;
    • choose the pic and cut it from the tattoo sheet;
    • remove the transparent protective film;
    • place the temporary tattoo face down on the egg and wet with a damp cloth or sponge;
    • press and wait for at least 30 seconds;
    • carefully lift a corner and smoothly remove the tattoo paper;
    • gently remove excess water from the egg with a napkin;
    • let egg gets dry.

    Here are some tips&tricks for you to create uniquely designed eggs:

    • Use white eggs to make the tattoo decals look brighter and get vivid colors. When decorating dyed or brown eggs better to use our black and white designs or temporary tattoos with flood white background.
    • If you want to decorate the egg with several tattoo decals, don’t apply them all at once – use them one after another and let each sticker air-dry.
    • Use tiny tattoos to get the perfect fit without misrepresentation of the design.

    If you dream of having an elegant celebration and want to do it Martha Stewart’s style - spring flowers and butterflies designs are defs our faves. Do you think they’re too girly for the little gentlemen? No worries then, we’ve got over 300 designs, so you can choose perfect decals to decorate the most beautiful eggs which every guest will love to find. How about:

    Check our temporary tattoos collection to find more inspirational ideas.