• No-Carve Temporary Tattoo Pumpkins

    No-Carve Temporary Tattoo Pumpkins
    Tattoo a real pumpkin that will last months longer than a carved one or use a faux pumpkin to create a stunning reusable fall decoration!

    Prepare a pumpkin.

    If you are using a natural pumpkin, we recommend painting it white. This will ensure the brightness of the tattoos and the durability and ease of application.

    If you want to keep the natural color of the pumpkin, then cover it with a transparent base. Keep in mind, tattoos are translucent, so the color of the pumpkin will affect the color of the images.


    Cut the paper close to the design, it will make the application easier.


    Remove the plastic top from the tattoo and place the artwork on the dry pumpkin. Get the back wet, make sure the paper is completely soaked through. We recommend using a sponge!


    Press down firmly and gently with your damp sponge for at least 30 seconds.


    Slowly peel away the paper backing. Try peeling from the other direction if you are having trouble with the transfer.

    Add as much tattoos as you want!

    Your pumpkin is dressed up and ready to go!

    Happy Halloween!