• Spelling bee contest: make it a party with kids bee tattoos

    Spelling bee contest: make it a party with kids bee tattoos

    Spelling may not be the most interesting activity for children, but when there’s a competition in sight, spelling stops being such a bad idea. Children love to compete and show their talents and abilities, so a contest is the best idea to get that spelling right. While it is believed that the Spelling Bee Contest started in the US, being held all over the world nowadays, one thing is for sure, and that it is the best occasion for children to get together and do something educational in a fun manner. But, since this contest is also about having fun, why not help your child have an adequate look for the occasion. How can this be achieved? Well, a few temporary bee tattoos will solve the matter.

    The temporary tattoos we provide are safe for children because they don’t contain any harmful substances. Thus, even if your child has sensitive skin, the temporary tattoo won’t cause any issues. They are also resilient tattoos and can last for a few days, as they are waterproof. So if your child has good care of them, he or she will be able to enjoy the funny tattoo for longer.

    These being said, don’t hesitate to check out our bee temporary tattoos, as we have models to suit all tastes and preferences. Boys may like the cooler and “rougher” black and white bees tattoos, while girls may want to go for the delicate clovers being among the preferred flowers by bees. But, of course, we have another option that works for both boys and girls, as everybody loves funny bees, colored in bright yellow with black stripes.

    Even if your child is not so keen in participating at a spelling contest, you can motivate the young one by promising to give him temporary bee tattoos to wear during the contest and even after. Thus, with the reward in their mind, kids will be more open when it comes to this kind of contest and will want to get prepared for it. Your child wishes to participate before you even tell him or her about the bee-autiful reward? That’s great, as you can still help your child have a blast and be in the middle of the attention with this cute bee temporary tattoos. Just have fun regardless if we are talking about a spelling contest or any other kind of activity.