• Spooky articulated paper dolls

    Spooky articulated paper dolls

    DIY paper puppets: color, make, mix&match

    You will need:

    • Printed file (4 sheets)
    • 30 brads
    • Sharp scissors
    • Thick needle
    • Wooden sticks or dowels (optional)

    Making an articulated paper puppets is easy, and it's a pleasure to play with it. Also, they make the perfect Halloween party decor, cake toppers, gift tags, photo props, and room decor. Tuck them in a gift card, use them on a wood stick, or add them to party supplies. Our spooky cute monsters are so much fun!

    Choose your version: colorful or black and white to color by yourself!
    1. Download
    2. Print it out on white thick paper or cardboard (120-160 gsm)
    3. Make holes in the joints of the parts with thick needle.
    4. Cut out the parts and color if needed.
    5. Connect the parts of the doll to each other with mini brads.

    Wanna go further?

    Play MIX&MATCH!

    Print black and white version and cut parts. Let kids choose and color any body parts to create their own Halloween character!
    Also it would be an awesome activity for kids party either at home or at school and kindergarten! Just print enough parts and help your kids with assembling.