• Wacky hair day at school ideas: what goes best with a funny hairdo?

    Wacky hair day at school ideas: what goes best with a funny hairdo?

    It is said that it is recommended to encourage kids’ creativity, but who said parents can’t do the same? If wacky hair day at school is approaching, you’d better have your arsenal ready, so that your child looks cool, trendy, and wacky. What goes best with a funny hairdo? Colorful temporary freckles, of course. Kids will love them because they are colorful, shaped like stars, hearts, confetti, or sprinkles. Plus, you will form a team with your child that will prove to have a lot of imagination and creativity.

    These temporary freckles are easy to apply and are made by using non-toxic materials and substances, so they are entirely safe for the skin of your child. Waterproof at the same time, this temporary detail can last between 2 and 4 days, so if your child enjoys it, he or she has the chance to admire them for more than 1 days. This way, the fun is prolonged and the party can continue at home as well. So, what freckles model you will choose for your child’s wacky hair?

    To make things even more exciting, pick the model together, so that the child gets to be entirely involved in the creational process. After all, children have great tastes when it comes to picking colors and shapes. Plus, the young one will get the chance to use his or her imagination, wearing a personal creation in the end.