Durable, adjustable, waterproof kids bracelet made of the best materials from all over the world: Linhasita® waxed cord from Brazil and real freshwater pearls cultured in China.


LINHASITA® waxed polyester cord /made in Brazil

Since 1975 Linhasita® produce Polyester Threads in the city of Itatiba, in the state of São Paulo.

The waxed polyester cord is composed of high tenacity polyester filaments. Original Linhasita® waxing technology differentiates their cords by making them more resistant to bright sun, friction, contact with skin acid and salt water. Linhasita waxed polyester cord is very durable and washable.

FRESHWATER PEARLS /cultured in China

We use only real freshwater pearls cultured by one of the biggest pearl companies in China, located in Zhuji City, which is reputed as "China's Town of Pearl".

Silky, touchable freshwater pearls have a bright, clear luster that makes them shine when light hits them.