• Charity tattoo booth

    Nowadays, kids are getting more and more involved with charity work. They understand the importance of giving back and serving others. Our kids donate to charity, support homeless people, and rescue animals – they take real action to deal with the world’s everyday problems and make us so proud of them.

    We offer you an opportunity to fundraise for charities that mean something to your children by simply having fun. In 2018, Ducky Street starts the Charity tattoo booth – a children’s charity project supporting kids which are involved in volunteering and giving back. Our aim is to help your children fundraise and collect donations for local and international organizations sponsoring people in need, fighting poverty, hunger and disease.

    Our fundraising idea is simply amazing: we provide kids looking to raise funds for charity with 100 % free temporary tattoos so that they can set up a temporary tattoo parlor for all ages. Pick the right spot for your future tattoo booth, spread the word and just add some water (and a sponge or a soft cloth for wetting temp tatts as well). Charity tattoo booth will help you raise awareness about any problem you want to gain supporters for.

    Take action, help others and make giving a good habit! We’ll be so delighted to hear about your child’s achievements as well as share your feedback with our followers on Facebook and Instagram to encourage other kids and their parents to be caring and charitable!

    Contact us to join the Charity tattoo booth project: