Durable, adjustable, waterproof kids bracelet in carrot colors made of the best materials from all over the world:


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    MIYUKI® seed beads with DURACOAT® coating, made in Japan

    Mid 1930's, Miyuki® was founded in Japan, and quickly became a renowned glass seed bead manufacturer. Since then, Miyuki® has continued to strive for increased quality and improved artistry through innovation and state of the art technology.

    “Duracoat®” is durable clear coating for glass beads developed and patented by Miyuki®. It is thicker and stronger coating than traditional one.

    LINHASITA® waxed polyester cord, made in Brazil

    Since 1975 Linhasita® produce Polyester Threads in the city of Itatiba, in the state of São Paulo.

    The waxed polyester cord is composed of high tenacity polyester filaments. Original Linhasita® waxing technology differentiates their cords by making them more resistant to bright sun, friction, contact with skin acid and salt water. Linhasita waxed polyester cord is very durable and washable.