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  • Set of 3 identical pieces
  • Sheet size 6.4x9 cm
  • Skin safe and non-toxic  Certificates: En71-3, FDA, COSIA, SGS, THR, ROHS, CE
  • Easy to use:remove film / apply / wet / hold / remove paper ...detail instruction
  • Lasting on average 2-4 daysTattoos are waterproof!

Rainbow Tattoos are the ideal decision for the kiddos with a delicate and nature prizing personality It is made with craftsmanship, fiction and love. It in like way superbly suits the grown-ups with a drawing in context towards life and nature. Rainbow tattoos give a vibe of perfect life close-by the message of esteeming your life.

The tattoos have 7 tints and a grinning face which has perfectly been made by utilising the most astonishing nature of craftsmanship and imagination. It can be related wherever on the body like on the arms, back or legs yet is generally reinforced on the arms. Laid out by one of the world's most creative fashioner, this body sticker can make you look stunningly greater than some time beginning late. It is deliberately printed and made of skin neighbourly material which never has a singular bit of mischief to your skin. With blue and green tones these give a perfect style for all your style needs. These tattoos are incredibly simple to utilise and can be utilised just by releasing the film and especially applying on the skin.

Designed by  Mutovina Anastasya